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Parts for sale by Del Worcester  1-440-327-8464

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  1. New Front Wheel Bearing Puller (Never used) Darcey Moses type

  2. OEM(used) tranmission chain and sprokets and stock pan

  3. Barbie GMC with accessories, passenger side has some heat damage

  4. 3 Red clearance lights (new)

  5. Steering wheel (used) OEM

  6. Left arm rest bezel, stainless steel, instrument guage holder

  7. Old distributer and coil

  8. Rear dinette seats corderoy light tan

  9. LH exhaust manifold(used) OK

  10. Par water pump(used)

  11. Emergency air line repair kit

  12. 2 used air bags with alu cones

  13. original hydraulic jack with chain

  14. One standard OEM hubcap(Nice,used)

  15. OEM refridgerator still works

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