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Maybe yours too!

1975 Palm Beach    GMC MOTORHOME


As usual use at your own risk

23_20.JPG (152694 bytes)

This picture is from rear of coach forward, the beam is right below slanted section of under belly. The small round pipe is from sink and shower. The long bolts is one of four that holds up the holding tank. Beyond that to the right is a rather large hole which carries the toilet flushes to holding tank it is 3". In that same area just forward of bolt there is a round plastic cover that protects the trap from the drain in the bathroom floor. (Looks like a Derby hat) There is an area where the toilet comes through the floor that was not covered very well and certainly would have allowed mice to have a direct path into my motorhome and probably yours Too.

24_21.JPG (29951 bytes)

This picture shows all four bolts that hold up holding tank. You can see the mouse hole better it is just behind the bolt on the right. There are 2 strips of wood that go between the four bolts.

25_22.JPG (34317 bytes)

After the bolts for the holding tank, you can see a line like a French curve. That is an impression left from the vent line for the gas tank. Mine was compressed so much I wonder if it was working. In the middle of the same panel there is a circular area with impressions going to drivers side. The circle is the impression of the sending unit on top of the gas tank. The bolts on top of my sending unit had actually punctured holes in the alu. skin. The hose draping down on the left is the rubber propane propane line that attaches through the floor inside the kitchen cabinets. (That must be real easy to replace with everything in place--- got to be a bitch) You can see how my 4x6's are holding up the coach.

26_23.JPG (180623 bytes)

This section is the next gas tank area. My insulation was put in with pieces rather that full strips here. I don't know if that is typical or not. Along the center line you can see impressions of gas hoses and there are two holes in the alu skin again from the sending unit.

 27_24.JPG (161297 bytes)

2x4 is there to brace ends of 4x6's
You can see the two front alu panels that I had to replace and repair, because of a problem found and displayed at Heinz's at the bottom of page.

28_25.jpg (36128 bytes)

At the top of this picture you can see holes made by sending unit. This picture shows the rubber propane hose which goes to kitchen. You can also see the notching I did to miss projections that would have prevented a smooth surface for the beam to lay flat. From a perspective point of view we are looking at the drivers side and the larger notch is where the u shaped body mount is attached.


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