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Note: These pictures below were scanned with a HP 600

rustedframejpg.1.jpg (108352 bytes)

Just to right of rust  hole is where bogie wheels attach.

rustedframeclr.jpg (50080 bytes)

Clarence Martin from Cleveland Hts visited for the afternoon 1/27/99. Lunched inside his 78 Kingsley, swapped lies and such.  His motorhome has 19,000 original miles, spotless, complains about it not having a 455 though. His wife, Lydia made the picnic lunch. Sandwiches were smoked turkey, I thought they were ham.   She should open a deli.!

Me and my girlfriends

not scanned

32__DINNER_WHITE_OAKS.jpg (41940 bytes)

Julia, dirty old man, Laura

Son David somewhere on Earth!



insulator.jpg (315069 bytes)


insulatorbknn.jpg (328228 bytes)

features and accessories

prices.jpg (282430 bytes) 

distributor prices



Jeephouse1.jpg (41959 bytes)

Jeephouse2.jpg (45714 bytes)

Julia on top is now 24 , Laura on back is 18 and David is 22

I'm Getting there but it sure has been a struggle

           Scanned                              3.5 Konica picture show           

EngineJan99.jpg (57118 bytes)             Me and ClarencesGMC.jpg (38138 bytes) Me and Clarence Martin's Kingsley 1/27/99  

FrameJan99.jpg (42245 bytes)             Clarence & John 21199.jpg (49900 bytes) John Walton, Clarence Martin (driving),Freddy(my buddy)

  January 1999                       February 1999     Make believe helps sometimes


Gas tank locations on my 75 PB side bath


Gas tank locations.jpg (33070 bytes)

These dimensions are not exactly in the center as a matter of fact they probably should be moved approx. 1.5 inches toward passenger side.  My dimensions were from where my hose clamps made   holes in the alu. panning. I would suggest making a small hole first and expanding after proper center location is found. Maybe a plunge router bit would be a good way to do this if inclined, watch depth, you can boom!  I am not doing this myself. The dimensions were from the face of cabinets and bath corner, up higher than the kick panel because some have thick carpet rolled up the kick panel.  Please make a small hole first to locate. After someone has attempted to do this please get back to me so I can make adjustments if necessary. 


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