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     SOME GMC motorhome owners are using this pulley to replace the metal rods used on the emergency brake system.  Go to:  BRAKES  if you would like to see what a GMCer did!  These pulleys are nicely galvanized and have a bronze bushing in the sheeve.  They are used mainly in the logging industry and have found a home also on many GMC's!! You will find there will be less fraying of the cables and a little less effort pulling the emergency brake handle!  

Some people might like to install 3 of these, one on each side, and fastening one on the passenger side above the muffler.

$21.00 for 3

Want to order? Please fill out  Order form or use Paypal button above.

    or call 1-440-937-5694

Total price for 3 with shipping/confirmation/Priority Mail in the US is $25.35

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