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1270 Lear-Nagle Rd. Avon, Ohio 44011

Fan-tastic Vent ?

Get the proper height inside trim bezel (no cutting of bezel)  and save some money-shipping included-buy them from me!  You also have the choice of 4 Domes, white (no light), white (some light), smoked (like sunglasses) and clear! AND you have the choice of 3 inside bezel colors, off white, polar white (like computer paper), and gray!
Airstream owners!! Fantastic has an off-white curved interior trim bezel only for your installation:(.  Pictures?  yes

"Hi Scott,
Well, we received the fans. Hubby installed them quickly and without any problems. We went on the maiden voyage last week. The 1977 Palm Beach did great, and we love it. The new fans made all the difference! We were able to leave the dogs inside with the fan on in the living room. The one in the bath was great, and took away that claustrophobic feeling-it's just like a skylight
Lxxxxx & Bxxxx"

"Well, we did it, the old girl now has a vent in the bathroom. This is a
must do project. Easy to do. It sure makes a big improvement in
the bathroom. During the daytime I can now see when I open 
the door. I LOVE IT. Thanks Scott.....
Take Care  Gxxx"

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Want the best vent, Fan-tastic Vent makes? The 6000 RBTA?

This vent is the one with a thermostat/rain sensor/intake/exhaust - top of the line.


Shipping UPS Ground Included
Go RV ( has them at 275.00!!!  

{Be careful!--these places normally don't have the proper height trim bezel, therefore you will have to trim it!-- and you will have no choice of dome and bezel color!}


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